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The Story 
Melted Mood Candle Company is a Dallas based fragrance company owned and operated by myself, Ebby Simmons.  I've always had an enthusiasm and aspiration to create scented candles; but I believe I never had the time to act on my passion. During the unfortunate events of the Coronavirus, it accumulated a mix of emotions within myself and throughout the world. This sparked my drive to start my candle journey and to develop the brand name "Melted Mood". The idea is to create positive moods through candles, and to help shed light and love into our customers' homes. An array of positive moods are named after all of our candles - blissful, cuddly, jovial, blossom, zen and so-on. When you're needing a pick-me-up, just think "One Match - Better Mood".
The Product 
Melted Mood Candle Co consists of premium candles, hand-poured with an all natural soy wax blend. The candles are enriched with premium quality fragrances topped with LOVE. Our candles are named after positive moods and created with the intent of uplifting and inviting a positive mood to each and every one of you. If you enjoy aroma-driven mood enhancers, these candles are right for you! We also offer scented wax melts to melt away!
Thank you for your support;
I look forward to inviting positive vibes into your home!
With Love
**Featured in D Home Magazine, Peoples Newspaper, and
Tabitha Brown's Very Good Mondays**

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